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Timeline of Doc’s Life

In order to understand what may have led Doc Holliday to pursue a career as a dentist, and his subsequent abandonment of this role, it is useful to explore pivotal moments within his lifetime. By following his movements through time and space, a colorful story emerges about the infamous man history cannot seem to forget.

The following timeline captures snippets of Doc’s short life, and suspends them as moments for inquiry: What was Doc’s childhood like that led him to dental school? What factors may have influenced him to pursue this career? Where and for how long did Doc practice dentistry? Did he really engage in frequent gunfights? Move across the nation, as Doc did, and find the answers through this journey.

The timeline is divided into 3 separate groups, which allows users to either explore Doc’s entire lifespan or simply the events that excite them. A brief breakdown of the groups is provided below:

  1. Doc Holliday Timeline (1851 – 1872): This group of slides follows the first 21 years of Doc’s life, including his birth, childhood and adolescence, family life, education, enrollment and graduation in dental school, and first experiences as a dentist
  2. Doc Holliday Timeline (1873 – 1879): This group of slides follows Doc through most of his 20’s, including his tuberculosis diagnosis, partnerships with other dentists, opening practices on his own, descent into gambling and dangerous nightlife, trouble with the law, and development of relationships with prominent people such as Wyatt Earp and longtime girlfriend, Mary Katherine Horony-Cummings or ‘Big Nose Kate’
  3. Doc Holliday Timeline (1880 – 1887): This group of slides follows the last 7 years of Doc’s life, including his move to Tombstone, confrontations with enemies, arrests and accusations of criminal behavior, shootout at the O.K. Corral, involvement in Wyatt Earp’s ‘Vendetta Ride,’ and death

Test Your Knowledge

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For More Information

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