Fun activities to share with your learners!

The Tooth Fairy

Write your letter to the tooth fairy and draw what you think the tooth fairy really looks like!

Visiting the Dentist

Learn about going to the dentist with Dr. P and then color and create your own dental team!

Healthy Foods

Learn about the different food groups and what you should eat to keep your mouth healthy!

Design your own Toothpaste

Create your own toothpaste brand by designing a toothpaste tube.

Storytelling with Dental Art

Create your own stories about oral health and dentistry.

Tooth Anatomy Crossword

Learn about all the different parts of the tooth!

Orthodontics Word Search

Try to find these words related to the orthodontic specialty.

Alpha-Bite Book

An alphabetical journey through the chompers of the animal kingdom.

Number 1 Monster

Monster Mouths Coloring Page

Have fun counting teeth while coloring monsters!

Healthy Smiles for Autism program cover

Healthy Smiles for Autism

Oral hygiene tips for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Healthy Smiles for Autism

Number 1 Monster

Inspiring the Future Coloring Page

Color the tooth of the future!

Number 1 Monster

Everyone Deserves a Healthy Smile Coloring Page

Celebrate your diverse interests by coloring these healthy teeth!

Number 1 Monster

Trade Card Collection Coloring Book

Color different dental trade cards from the NMD collection!

Healthy Smiles for Autism program cover

BCDS-UMSOD History Coloring Book

Color the different buildings used in the history of the world’s first dental college!

BCDS-UMSOD History Coloring Book

Fact Sheets!

Braces Fact Sheet

Answer the question, “who needs braces?” with this helpful fact sheet.

Vaping: How it affects your mouth

Learn about the affect of vaping on your mouth and overall health.


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The Dr. Samuel D. Harris National Museum of Dentistry is an auxiliary enterprise of the University of Maryland, School of Dentistry at the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

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